Chennault International Airport boasts a formidable two-mile-long runway that stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence in aviation. Located in eastern Lake Charles, this runway is not just a strip of concrete — it’s a vital artery connecting Chennault to the global skies. With dimensions that cater to the diverse needs of modern aviation, our runway is a preferred choice for a wide array of flights, ranging from charter services to military operations.

Unmatched Runway Capabilities

Dimensions and Specifications

Runway at Chennault International AirportThe runway at Chennault International Airport stretches an impressive 10,700 feet in length and spans 200 feet in width. Crafted with precision, it is built with a robust 17-inch-thick layer of concrete, ensuring durability and reliability for every takeoff and landing. These specifications position our runway as a versatile platform capable of accommodating a broad spectrum of aircrafts making it a favored destination for various aviation activities.

Presidential Landings and Military Excellence

Chennault’s runway has witnessed the prestigious touch-and-go practices of the military and has proudly played host to Air Force One on multiple occasions. This underscores the trust placed in our facilities for critical operations and showcases the runway’s ability to handle the most distinguished and essential flights.

Parallel Taxiway Advancements

In addition to the main runway, Chennault International Airport features a newly refurbished parallel taxiway that not only facilitates seamless taxiing but also possesses runway capabilities. This strategic enhancement further amplifies the efficiency of our airfield for a smooth flow of aircraft movements and reinforces our commitment to providing world-class aviation infrastructure.

If you’re a pilot seeking optimal landing conditions, Chennault’s runway stands ready to meet the demands of the modern aviation landscape, setting the stage for safe, efficient, and remarkable journeys through the skies.