Chennault International Airport (CWF)

Welcome to Chennault International Airport (CWF) —your gateway to a world of aviation excellence. Chennault is more than a runway; it’s a comprehensive aviation destination tailored for pilots. Find the information you need to enhance your flying experience.

Elevate Your Pilot Experience


Delve into the heartbeat of Chennault—the airfield. Discover its features, including ILS and GPS approaches, security measures, and maintenance services.


Stay ahead of the weather with real-time updates provided by Chennault. Access our dedicated weather room and flight planning resources to ensure safe and informed flights.

Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) Services

Experience world-class FBO services with Million Air at Chennault. From operational hours to luxurious amenities, explore how Million Air elevates your aviation experience.

Self-Serve Gas Fuel

Fuel up with convenience at Chennault’s self-serve gas station plaza. Learn about the extended hoses, card reader access, and competitive Avgas prices, all designed to make your refueling process seamless.


Embark on a journey with Chennault’s exceptional two-mile-long runway. Learn about its specifications, capabilities, and why it’s a preferred choice for a diverse range of flights, from private charters to military operations.

Request Foreign Clearance

Navigating international airspace? Chennault International Airport offers a streamlined process for pilots seeking foreign clearance. Whether you’re arriving or planning an outbound international flight, our dedicated services ensure a smooth transition.