Aircraft Painting & Refinishing

Enhance the appearance and protect the integrity of your aircraft with top-quality painting and exterior coatings services available from our tenant-partner services at Chennault International Airport.

Companies based at Chennault offer extensive aircraft painting and refinishing services. Your plane gets a top-quality layer of paint or protective coating to its exterior surfaces — serving both an aesthetic and functional purpose.

Why Should You Get Your Aircraft Refinished?

Visual Appearance

Painting can enhance the visual appearance of your aircraft and reflect your brand. Choose colors, designs and logos that align with your preferences or corporate identity.

Corrosion Protection

The paint acts as a protective barrier from corrosion caused by exposure to environmental elements like moisture, sunlight, and chemicals. A well-applied and maintained aircraft paint job helps prevent structural damage and ensures the longevity of the aircraft.


Aircraft painting can also impact aerodynamics. The choice of paint type, thickness, and application technique aims to minimize drag and optimize fuel efficiency by maintaining a smooth and streamlined surface.

The Process for Painting and Refinishing Your Aircraft

Surface Preparation

Before painting, the aircraft undergoes thorough surface preparation that involves cleaning, sanding and priming. This step ensures proper adhesion of the paint and a flawless finish.

Specialized Paints

Aviation-grade paints are used to paint the aircraft. These paints are formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions, UV radiation, and high-speed airflow. They are durable, flexible, and resistant to fading, chipping, and peeling.

Regulations and Safety

Aircraft painting complies with aviation regulations and safety standards. This includes using certified paints, applying proper thicknesses, ensuring appropriate labeling, and adhering to specific techniques and procedures.

Maintenance and Touch-ups

Over time, paint may wear off or sustain damage. Periodic inspections and touch-ups help maintain the appearance, protect against corrosion, and address any paint-related issues promptly.

Aircraft painting at Chennault International Airport
Airplane Painting at Chennault International Airport