Service is the through-line for everything Chennault International Airport does — whether it’s serving general aviation, Air Force One or aircraft delivering disaster aid.

The Chennault complex is a busy one, no matter what the needs might be. It’s a landing place of choice, respected nationwide for uncongested airspace and near-zero ground delays. Chennault International Airport is served by an accredited, FAA contract air traffic control tower. It averages more than 65 operations each day. The tower hours are 6 a.m.-10 p.m. seven days a week.

Airfield Features

The airfield features:

Chennault hosts everything from private pilots to presidents — and all sorts of personal, government and military planes in between. Whatever aircraft happens to be in Chennault’s skies, the ground below is always busy with all sorts of world-class maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of military and commercial aircraft.

Chennault consistently states that people and businesses can “land any aircraft and access the world,” in part because of its remarkable two-mile long runway and associated infrastructure — and that it’s a place “where your business can take off,” because of the extensive aerospace work done there with hundreds of additional acres available for development.

A successful airport is a busy airport — in terms of its jobs, service quality, tenant partners and pursuit of additional development. The Chennault team focuses on a strong work ethic, accountability to each other and the taxpayer, an open-minded approach to new and creative ways of growing the airport and attracting business, while not forgetting good business is founded on collaboration, integrity and strong relationships.


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