Chennault International
Airport Administration

Welcome to the heart of Chennault International Airport’s operations—the Administration team. Committed to steering the airport’s success and ensuring seamless aviation services, our dedicated professionals, along with our Board of Commissioners, bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the forefront.

Meet the dynamic individuals who lead and support Chennault’s endeavors, driving innovation, efficiency, and excellence in every facet of airport administration.

Kevin Melton
Kevin MeltonExecutive Director

Kevin Melton

Executive Director

Kevin Melton is responsible for all operations and policies for Chennault, which includes an aggressive focus on economic development and airport operations growth at the national and international levels. In this capacity, he is directly responsible to support each of the airport’s aviation Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), manufacturing, and light-industrial tenants — three of which are major aerospace leaders at the international levels in their markets. Kevin joined Chennault in 2018 from American Airlines working national and international airport terminal construction projects.  Kevin retired in 2016 from a 24-year career with the U.S. Air Force at the rank of Colonel. His operational background includes oversight of airport operations, air traffic control facilities, weather operations, intelligence, life support, aircrew training, airspace scheduling and combat airspace nationally and internationally. Appointed by the Director of Aviation, Kevin currently serves on the Louisiana DOTD Key Stakeholder Visioning Committee, the DOTD’s Freight Advisory Committee, and the DOTD’s Aviation Advisory Council — and was appointed by the governor to serve on the state’s Board of International Commerce.  He also has experience in the classroom as a graduate-level adjunct professor in aviation-focused curriculums and is now a guest lecturer at McNeese State University.

Andrea LaFleur

Director of Executive and Airport Affairs

  • Responsible for the overall administrative performance of the Chennault International Airport Authority and directly supports the Executive Director to ensure all airport business engagements are effectively, and efficiently monitored to meet local, state and federal requirements.
  • Responsible for the professional discernment of the Authority to the public, prospective clients, tenants, Commissioners and staff members.
  • Responsible for ensuring that public meetings are in accordance with open meeting laws.
  • Performs the functions of Capital Projects Management and Major Repairs Administrator.


Loretta Hanks

Director of Finance

  • Subject matter expert to the Executive Director on all financial platforms related to the Airport.
  • Develop management and oversight of multi-million dollar budgets with the goal of zero deficiencies.
  • Executive Director designated lead to develop short and long-term budget strategies to meet current and future financial obligations for Chennault International Airport Authority.
  • Leads execution of over $138 million in infrastructure assets. Administers over $20 million in payables annually.


Mitch O’Neal

Director of Operations

  • Responsible for managing, assessing, and evaluating airport operations
  • Enforces airport policies and regulations where applicable


John McMullen

Director of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing all maintenance and construction activities for Chennault International Airport Authority.
  • Acts on behalf of the Executive Director to manage and oversee the facility and airfield projects. Facilities include but are not limited to;  Hangars, major equipment associated with hangars, runway, taxiway, control tower, airfield lighting, painting and signage, airfield navigational systems, hangar fire suppression systems, fire/crash trucks and emergency equipment, HVAC systems, facility pavement, office buildings, electrical, heavy equipment, fencing, electronic gates, piping, lighting, fans and blowers, vehicles, facility drainage, property management, airfield and facility grass management.