Fiscal Year 2024 Public Notice for Airport Projects

The Chennault International Airport Authority as sponsor for the Chennault International Airport hereby announces its proposed Fiscal Year 2022-2024 Triennial DBE Goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) airport construction projects as indicated below.

Please note the airport is amending its existing fiscal year 2022-24 DBE goal to add a fiscal year 2024 project. Prior-year projects are complete or in progress and are only included for informational purposes.

Fiscal Year 2022

N/A – No Federally Funded Project

Fiscal Year 2023: 6.06%

Rehabilitate South Apron Pavement – Phase 3: 7.89%

ACTC Rainscreen Installation: 1.48%

Fiscal Year 2024: 4.14%

Taxiway Alpha North Rehabilitation: 6.11%

Taxiway Golf Lighting: 1.12%

Overall Three-Year DBE Goal FY22-FY24: 5.10%

A teleconference will be held on April 5th, 2024 from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM Central Standard Time for the purpose of consulting with stakeholders to obtain information relevant to the goal setting process. If you would like to comment on the proposed DBE goal, please call into the teleconference at (415) 464-6800 with conference code 2180581# or email

The airport’s DBE goal methodology is based on what the airport anticipates receiving for FY 2022-2024. Significant changes to the projects as stated will require an amendment to the DBE goal.