Chennault International Airport is a world-class facility, home to Northrop Grumman that can support your aircraft manufacturing facility needs. Our Part 139 airfield features a 200-foot-wide by 10,700-foot-long runway with 17-inch pavement capable of accommodating aircraft ranging in size from a small business jet to wide-body commercial airliners. Chennault is incorporated into Foreign Trade Zone 87 and features 13 million square feet of concrete and over 1.5 million square feet of hangar, office and warehouse space. Five large, certified development sites provide future tenants a range of development opportunities. Four of the sites have rail frontage and all provide direct access to the airport’s runway facilities. Conveniently located on Interstate 10 between Houston and New Orleans, Chennault International Airport provides connectivity to Interstates 10 and 210, rail lines and the deepwater Port of Lake Charles.

Airport Facts

  • 10,700-foot runway
  • Part 139 designation
  • FAA contract Air Traffic Control tower
  • Enterprise zone, including tax credits
  • Designated Foreign Trade Zone (Zone 87)
  • 550 acres of development sites available